Port facilities can sometimes find it difficult keeping up with the demands of the ever-growing size of modern ships. To help remedy this problem in a cost effective fashion, Seward Wyon offers a service to upgrade and modify any aspect of a mechanical handling system in order to achieve modern day capacity at a fraction of the price of buying new equipment.

All projects of this type are preceded by a feasibility study to establish to what extent a structure can be modified, and still remain within safe limits.

Modifications carried out in the past include :

  • Increase to height of lift by either trolley modifications or by the extending of the legs of ship to shore container gantries
  • Extending the boom of ship to shore container gantries — this has been done both by removing the boom and in-situ
  • Increase in crane capacity
  • DC to AC drive conversions
  • Uprating of winch and brake systems
  • Storm anchors and storm brake
  • Crane anti-collision systems
  • Modification of legs and bogies to suit different rail spans/rail types
  • Installation of load weighing systems
  • Operator access lift
  • Tilt and trim systems
  • Installation of rotating hooks
  • Hydraulic grab systems