Gantry Crane for Type 45 Destroyer

  • Seward Wyon was awarded a three year contract to design and supply six 1.5 tonne gantry type cranes to be fitted inside hangars on board the new Type 45 Destroyers. The cranes were provided with Lloyds Register certification. Maritime Cranes and Components Ltd continues to provide support including spare parts for these cranes.

Retractable Flare Boom

  • Design, manufacture and installation of 180° retractable flare boom, mounted to stern of oil and gas exploration vessel. The 27m long flare boom is positioned away from the ship to burn off unwanted gas, and retracted to sit upon the ship’s deck when not in use.

60m Lattice Spreader Beam

  • Design and fabrication of modular lattice lifting beam for aluminium roofing sections — beam lengths up to 60m with SWL of 2.5 tonnes.

Launch Platform

  • Design, build and testing of launch platform for Virgin Challenger hot air balloon, in preparation for Richard Branson’s round the world record attempt.

Transformer Core Build Table

  • Design, manufacture and installation of transformer build jig. Bed size 10m x 7m, total weight approximately 40 tonnes, capacity for maximum transformer weight of 250 tonnes. Travelling limb supports are mounted to the jig to suit various transformer configurations. Three hydraulic clamps, each with a capacity of 75 tonnes, compress the completed transformer core. Once building of the core has been completed, the fitting of a 20 tonne rocker section allows the jig to be lifted vertically using a 350 tonne capacity adjustable lifting beam. When vertical, the core is removed from the jig. The jig is then again returned to the horizontal plane.

Tilting Spreader Beam for Coal Container Discharge

  • Our client required a device to discharge coal from containers into the holds of ships. The key requirements were defined as the ability to operate from a single point of suspension and attached to a standard size 20 ft ISO container; to have the capability of tipping the spreader 20 degrees in one direction to relieve the pressure on the door of the container and 45 degrees in the other direction to discharge the contents; to have a lift capacity of 27 tonnes including the dead weight of the container of 2.2 tonnes and to have a maximum tipping speed of 45 degrees in 20 seconds.

Heavy Lifting Jacking Systems

  • Seward Wyon have successfully undertaken many specialist jacking projects designed and developed by in-house engineers. These include machinery installation, slew ring changes and major container crane systems. From concept through to final commissioning, Seward Wyon offer a complete and comprehensive service designed around the requirements of the client.